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Air Raid Quarterback Drills

Air Raid Quarterback Drills

The Air Raid Quarterback Drills will help your quarterback position in his overall skills and knowledge for the Air Raid Offense. These football coaching clinic notes will show you how to read progressions, organizational skills for your quarterback, and protection schemes to protect your quarterback and make explosive plays in this offensive system. The Air Raid Quarterback Drills are designed to develop and enhance your skills of quarterback play in this system.

How does Mike Leach of continue to produce very successful quarterbacks in the Air Raid Offense. It’s his Air Raid Quarterback Drills. It’s how you practice in the Air Raid Offense. Coach Mike Leach doesn’t believe in stretching to start practice. He believes in beginning practice with medium speed drills that work on settling between zones and dropping back and throwing. Everything that they do is about throwing the ball.

The ball is always in the air and this is how practice works when you are using the Air Raid Quarterback drills. They work on every phase of their package every day and mostly passing drills. There are 4-5 quarterbacks throwing and every eligible receiver is catching on each snap. There is great detail given to fundamentals in all aspects of the passing game. Wide Receivers work on every kind of release versus different coverages, ball security, scrambling drills, blocking and routes versus certain coverages.

It’s amazing the that third string quarterback is getting the same time of reps as a starter. It shows the total commitment to throwing the ball and why Mike Leach has turned out successful quarterback after successful quarterback. The Air Raid Quarterback Drills will help you train your quarterbacks for this explosive offense. I hope that you enjoy.

Click on the pdf link to download the football coaching clinic notes:

Air Raid Quarterback Drills

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