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Dodger Formation Run Game

In previous articles we discussed the Dodger formation and the best places to put personell as well as a series of automatics that would allow the Quarterback to attack the full field without receiving a call from the sideline. Both the personnel and the automatics within the Dodger Formation are built to open space for the Quarterback run game. The best part about this formation is that if it is run correctly, when it is finally time for your QB to run the ball there shouldn’t be many defenders in the box to stop him.

There are many ways this formation can be defended but if the defense places two players over X (regardless of which players are over him and their alignment) and three over the trips (regardless of their alignment) the defense on has 6 players left in the box to defend the run. With the addition of B at the wing you now have numbers in the box even for your run game. With this formation and the automatics many times the defense ends up with 5 in the box. This is especially true on any pass action from the QB. This causes the linebacker to bail to the perimeter to help corral the playmakers, especially if you have been having success. There are two main staple run plays from this formation. The first is QB Outside Zone to the boundary. The second is Inside Zone Wham to the boundary. When combined with a pass action from the QB this can be especially troublesome for a defense.

Dodger Formation Run Game


On QB Outside Zone, or any run play, nothing changes for the perimeter players. X will still run a hitch or fade depending on the CBs alignment but during the play when he sees his CB try to come up to stop the run he will force him to a side to open up a lane for the QB. The line will block Outside Zone with the help of A. The PST and A will hook the Defensive End while climbing to the linebacker. Because A is in a perfect position to help seal the edge the QB should gain access to the edge very quickly. B will still run his bubble route which will draw away the safety, overhang player, and any other players who are reading B as their key. This opens up space for a cutback by destroying any pursuit angles for the backside of the defense.

Dodger Formation Run Game


The second running option is to run QB Inside Zone with a Wham block from A. Inside Zone tends to develop a little slower than Outside Zone since the QB isn’t racing the defense to the edge. This allows the QB to give a quick pass look either to the hitch or to the bubble. This forces the defense to read pass and vacate the box. After the QB gives a pass look he is looking to run the ball to the play side A gap while being aware that the wham block gives him a nice cutback lane.

While I only focused on two options in the running game, with a running quarterback and an extra blocker the options for the running game are endless.

The Dodger formation is a simple way to force the defense to account for the full width of the field and open up space for your running QB. The use of the automatic throws allows guarantees that you will not be running a play where you will be out numbered at the point of attack. When combined with an up tempo attack the Dodger formation and the automatics that go with it really stress the defense.

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