Football DVD Review: Power Spread Offense: Structure & Strategy

Football DVD Review: Power Spread Offense: Structure & Strategy

Showing your players an offense like the Power Spread Offense in a way that is not getting them bored is not that easy. Coach Matt Drinkall is a new entrance in the field of football coaching. He’s the Wesleyan Universtity Head Coach right now, and is already considered to be a respected player of the field. Moreover, coach Drinkall has served as an offensive coordinator in a big number of top-level colleges during the last few years.

I would briefly describe the main principle of the Power Spread Offense as changing your offense’s tempo according to your opponents’ weaknesses and your own players skills. In this DVD coach Drinkall starts with presenting his own american football coaching philosophy. In short his main principles are:

  • Operate with a finite set of snaps.
  • Be realistic in your approach. Take in account your players skills and your own knowledge and do not plan strategies and offenses your team can not implement.
  • Use means and medians to achieve your goals.
  • Packages that you carry should be influenced by:
    • typical common play series.
    • adjusted for game situations and occurencies.
  • Obtain as much quantifiable data as possible. Decision making should start from quantifiable data. No other way, and coach Drinkall shows how he uses the data he collects before every game.

These are the things Matt Drinkall does before designing a new offense for a game. Having acquired all the information he needs for his opponents, he then draws his offense having in mind all the quantifiable data I mentioned above.

Now, concerning his Power Spread Offense in this DVD you will find:

  • Six formations
  • His Power football
  • Some play-actions for the game
  • And some greate Run-Pass Options

With a series of examples he has added in the end, coach Drinkall offers almost everything needed to implement this specific offense.

Critique of the Power Spread Offense DVD

Being a new entry in our playbooks, the Power Spread Offense is a good new offense you can easily introduce to your game strategy. Matt Drinkall gives a lot of information on how to insert it to your game as well as on how to teach it to your players. The only negative we found in the DVD is its price! As a Championship Productions DVDs it’s priced $39.99, but be sure that the quality of the information it contains makes it deserve every penny you will spend for it. So, overall, I would rate it as highly recommended for all levels of youth teams (middle school, high school, college).

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