The power of the Running Plays

Basic Level Running Plays

No matter what level of football you or your team wish to achieve the running plays will be a major staple in the game. Here are some of the basic run plays that your team should be familiar with.
The Blast and Dive: The easiest of the carries. In this play the blocking fullback or the running back take a quick handoff from the quarterback who runs for an opening that the offensive guard and the tackle have created. This play is most successful and useful when the offense is in need of just a yard or two and needs to minimize the chances of a fumble.
Draw: This run disguises itself to the defense as a pass play by allowing the offensive linemen to move back as if they’re going to anticipate a pass-protect strategy for the quarterback. All the while the quarterback will also fall back to create the allusion that he is looking for a receiver to throw to but instead he will hand the ball to the runner. This play is for more experienced teams because the defensive linemen should have the strength to push the defensive linemen aside at the last second so the quarterback has room to make the handoff successfully.

Draw - Running plays

The Pitch: This play is seen more in the upper levels of football because of its high risk of turnover and of failure. After the quarterback takes the snap, he pretends to take a handoff to the first back who then runs toward the line of scrimmage while the quarterback is free to throw the ball laterally to the other runner. The runner then has the freedom to move toward any open pocket that the offense has been able to open. This play is difficult because it requires experienced hands from the quarterback and a fast athletic runner to be able to achieve significant yards on the play.

pitch - running plays

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