Useful but easy football passing plays

Football Passing Plays

Here’s a presentation of some of the easiest but still most useful football passing plays:

  • Play Action Pass.┬áSometimes during the game the defense will start to be able to predict your next play if you continue to use running plays often. The Play Action Pass is a great play to mix it up and create some havoc on the field. The play starts with the quarterback faking a handoff to the wide receiver which causes the defenders to try and stop a run. This in turn cause the wide receivers to be completely open and opens the field completely for their disposal.
  • The Go Pattern.┬áThis is a favorite and a staple to everyone who has ever played football and is best for young teams. The play is simple with the quarterback falling back and the wide receivers running straight to the end zone. This play is useful because of its simplicity and its versatility but it should not be used because it is easy for the defense to key on the best players.
  • Down and out/in. A down and out, or down and in pattern involves a wide receiver running seven, ten, or fifteen yards down field, then making a 90-degree turn toward the sidelines or the middle, depending on the play call.
  • Flag pattern. This play starts off like a go pattern, but after ten or fifteen yards, the receiver suddenly runs diagonally toward the corner of the field. This should create some separation from the defender.
  • Screen Pass. A screen pass is an easy play that can have big rewards. The offensive line sets up a screen of blockers in front of a receiver. The ball is thrown to the receiver behind the line of scrimmage, and the receiver follows the wall of blockers. A running back screen can also be used. This is where the running back is normally the final offensive option. If everyone else is covered, the quarterback dumps

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