Using the Dodger Formation to Attack Sideline to Sideline

One of the most difficult parts of playing defense is accounting for the whole field. As an offense when you can force the defense to defend for the whole field you severally handicap them. In order to do this effectively you must be able to utilize a formation that can attack the whole width of the field. A great formation to accomplish this is the Dodger formation.

The Dodger Formation

The Dodger formation is a great way to highlight a talented quarterback, while also creating space for the rest of your playmakers. As you can see in the picture below the formation consists of a trips look to the field. B should be your most dangerous bubble receiver. By putting your most dangerous bubble receiver with two potential blockers you have forced the defense to take notice and respect the perimeter threat.

Dodger formation to attack sideline to sideline

X should be your top receiver. In an ideal world this would be the receiver that can exploit one on one coverage and convert it into a big play. At the very least this should be a receiver who can catch a simple hitch route and potentially make a defender miss or is a deep threat who can beat his defender deep on a fade route. You are putting the defense in a tough position with three receivers to the wide side. This forces them to call their passing strength to the field yet they still must account for a strong receiver to the boundary.

The final touch on the formation is A lined up as a wing to the boundary. A should be a tight end type of player. If he is a decent receiver it is a bonus but you should primarily be concerned with his ability to block. By aligning A at the boundary wing you have now split your passing and running strengths. With a running QB this forces the defense to respect the threat of the QB on the outside as well as the inside.

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